Inner Game

Wrong Decisions are the Key to Success

We all fear making the wrong decision. We gather the information available and make the decision that is going to put us ahead—the right decision. I read a Harvard Business Review article a while back and it mentioned that companies that make wrong decisions are more successful than companies that...

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Finding Yourself is a Lost Cause

“You don’t necessarily find yourself, you create yourself one little step at a time.” – Tim Ferriss Read that again. Finding yourself is creating yourself by making. Shit. Happen. I often get confused when people take these spiritual/wellness retreats or seminars to help you “find yourself,” or “discover your purpose.”...

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3 Questions to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

If you want to get and stay aligned with your purpose, ask yourself these questions every day. A good practice is once in the morning and once at night. Don’t know what your purpose is? No? Well these three questions will help you figure it out.  This daily routine will get you...

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Quit your Way to Excellence 

“The old saying is wrong—winners do quit and quitters do win.” Starting something new is always fun. It can be a business, tennis, guitar or writing a book. It’s exciting. You think you will be good at it. You think it will be worth your time. You think it will make...

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Unleash the Power of Self-Talk

“I’m Tony Montana! You fuck with me! You fuckin’ with the best!” I would call that a good form of positive self-talk. Yell that in front of a mirror every morning and tell me you won’t be ready to tackle the day. Tony Montana had it figured out. What does...

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