Men’s Dress Shirt Fabric Guide

This will be a general men’s dress shirt fabric guide. The biggest takeaway you should get from this article is that 100% cotton is the best fabric for men’s dress shirts. It is the most comfortable, practical, and attractive dress shirt fabric. When selecting a dress shirt, opt for 100% cotton...

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LeEco’s Android Bicycle . . . With Lasers

This bicycle is straight up ridiculous. LeEco, a Chinese company, recently launched a new product, the Le Syvrac. Le Syvrac comes with a broad range of connected hardware which runs on Google’s Android software. Among other sweet features, it contains: • 4-inch display mounted in between the handlebars, • Heart...

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Whiskey Decanters Under $200

There is always something intriguing about whiskey decanters. In movies, you’ll watch a scene where one person goes into an office and has a drink poured from a decanter. I’ll ask myself, “What are they drinking?” And “How are they drinking at work during the day?” I don’t know what...

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The 10 Best Travel Podcasts

Get your travel inspiration and guidance by tuning into these 10 best travel podcasts. They are in no particular order for all presenters provide a unique and valuable perspective. 10 Best Travel Podcasts 1. Indie Travel Since 2006, the founders, Craig and Linda have been traveling around the world. Lucky bastards! The...

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You Could Use a Staycation

Leave town and get off the grid for a weekend staycation. I assure you that unplugging for a weekend is one of the most refreshing things you can do. No texting, no social media, no television, no internet! A digital sabbatical so to speak. These days, it’s hard to escape from the...

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Smart Parka – A Complete Winter Coat

North Aware, creator of the Smart Parka, a winter coat with built-in gloves, scarf, length extension, hat pouch, and device pockets. Check out their Kickstarter campaign to get your hands on one of these. It’s got style, function, and affordability.

Find Local Experiences with Verlocal

Verlocal’s values revolve around three things: discover, share, and inspire. The company provides a safe haven for locals to share and market their passions, knowledge, and skills. Their platform allows travelers and locals to discover new experiences in areas they are visiting or living in. If you are a tourist or...

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Use a Growler Carrier to Move Beer Like a Boss

Growlers are badass as it is. A growler carrier just upped the ante on badassness. You’ll get looks of jealousy when you show up to the brewery with one of these in your hand. This was a killer gift idea for a friend. Be sure to take your friend level up...

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GRAYL – Purify and Filter Water

Meet GRAYL, a passionate group transforming personal water filtration. Purify water from any source anywhere in the world in less than 15 seconds. Or your money back! Just kidding on the last part. Check them out and get inspired by their story. Get inspired to travel.

Overcome Approach Anxiety with the Direct Opener

Approach Anxiety. Most of us have experienced this crushing fear at one point—unless you’re Ryan Gosling—then you don’t have to do shit. Some guys won’t be able to comprehend this feeling, but approach anxiety is a serious barrier for many men. This might be a familiar situation to you: You see...

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