Badass Dudes: Shavarsh Karapetyan

Today we salute Shavarsh Karapetyan, a retired Soviet-Armenian finswimmer. He was a ten-time finswimming world record-breaker. The best in the biz. But he isn’t a badass for finswimming. He’s a badass for other reasons. It was September 16, 1976, and Shavarsh just completed a normal training circuit by running 12...

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Our Lives Will be Documented and Digitized

In 200 years, we will not be here. All that will be left of us will be physical items left behind and predominately, our digital footprint. Everything we are doing is on the grid—documented, digitized, reported and saved on the cloud. Emails. Political rants on Facebook. Food photos on IG....

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Facebook News Feed Eradicator

I was going to deactivate Facebook but I found this godsend of a Chrome extension called the News Feed Eradicator. We all want to keep in touch with our friends, and Facebook is a useful way to allow this. Facebook has become somewhat of a news medium. Personally, when I...

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Most In-Demand Programming Languages [And Where to Learn Them]

The robots aren’t taking your jobs. The people building the robots are taking your jobs. The modern world skilled jobs are tech jobs. As of last year, out of the 25 highest paying jobs in demand, about half require tech/programming skills. I like to preach about learning new skills. Technology...

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Badass Dudes – Miyamoto Musashi and His 21 Rules of Life

Miyamoto Musashi, or, Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara no Genshin, was a renown Japanese swordsman and rōnin. As of now, I dub him a badass motherfucker. Cheers to you M&M. Musashi was made famous by his double sword style of combat and impressive undefeated record of 60 duels. His won his first duel at age...

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Prisma: Transform Your Photos into Pieces of Art

I’m not sure what more to say about Prisma other than it puts Instagram’s filters to shame. From filters mimicking the styles of Picasso and Van Gogh, it will take normal pictures and transform them into beautiful pieces of art. Here’s an original photo: Here are screenshots from the app:...

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Bagel: The World’s Smartest Tape Measure

I didn’t plan on including any tech this week until I saw Bagel. This thing lets you efficiently measure, organize, and analyze size measurements. It has three different measurement modes so you can measure all and any awkward objects. Check out Bagel and their Kickstarter project.

Automate Your Savings with Digit

Let’s face it, saving money is not fun, but it’s necessary. A good rule to follow is that when you get your paycheck, you should pay yourself before shelling out any money for expenses. This takes discipline. Serious discipline. I’m not sure if you follow this but you can agree that it...

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Why You Need a Personal Website

A personal website tends to be common for people in the creative and tech world. Regardless of your industry, create a personal website to display your professional self. Only 7% of the general population, and 15% of millennials have a personal website. It’s difficult to get ahead in the professional world....

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Badass Dudes – Virunga National Park Rangers

If you were shot on the job, would you go back to work? If death was a risk at a potential job, would you take their offer? I bet you’d reconsider your career choice. What type of job would you be willing to die over? The rangers at Virunga National Park...

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