Improve the Results of Your Workout Routine

At some point, your workout routine will get boring or stagnant. You may even plateau to the point where your efforts will produce minimal to no results. The following pieces of equipment are hidden gems that need to be incorporated into your workout routine. These stations are underutilized but they can be extremely effective when used in our workout. Whether your goal is fat loss, strength training or overall fitness, these stations will add a great change of pace to your workout and I’m confident great results will follow. All of the following pieces of equipment have the versatility to be used by anyone no matter your level of fitness:

5 pieces of equipment to use in your workout routine

1. Battle Ropes 

Battle ropes are phenomenal for integrating high-intensity training and non-traditional cardio into your workout. Get off the treadmill and grab the battle ropes for a great fat-burning and heart-pumping workout.

Watch this Battle Rope Proper Technique video before moving on to the exercises. The presenter does a great job of explaining the correct technique. I know you want to jump right into getting shredded but it is important learn the proper form first. You want to be sure you are efficient with your workouts by having the right form. In addition, this will minimize the risk of injury. The battle ropes are a good tool because it has a low impact on your joints.

Tip: Integrate a bosu ball with the battle ropes to make your exercises more challenging. 

2. The Sled

The only downside with the sled is you’ll wish you started using it earlier. The sled is extremely versatile since it allows you to integrate push, pull and drag movements. You can target your upper and lower body with the sled and you’ll see gains in your power and explosiveness. I don’t think there’s an athlete that doesn’t use the sled in their workout routine. The sled also puts less stress on your body since there is no eccentric (negative) movement. As a result, your body will recover faster. This is no walk in the park though! If you are lucky to have this piece of equipment at your gym then use it!

Tip: Move as fast as possible during the sled push and sled drag movements. You’ll definitely feel the burn. 

3. Bosu Ball

Can you do 10 shoulder presses?  Great! Now do them on a bosu ball.  Can you do 10 goblet squats?  Great! Now do them on a bosu ball. The bottom line is the number of exercises you can do on the bosu ball are endless.

Whatever you do, just don’t be this guy. There’s no reason for you to load your back on an uneven surface.


Tip: Before you try anything on the bosu ball, please make sure you’ve first mastered the move on a stable surface. 

4. Plyo Box

If a movement gets too easy then add weight (kettlebells, dumbbells, weighted vest, etc.).

Tip 1: When doing the jumps, land as quietly as possible by landing in a half-squat position. Landing in this manner will reduce impact on your joints.

Tip 2: For the step ups, don’t use your foot that’s on the floor to push yourself up. Instead, use the foot that is on the box and drive up using your heel.

5. Landmine Barbell 

It doesn’t matter if you are doing strength training or cardio. The landmine barbell will help you build power, shed fat and get your heart rate accelerating. Exercises that are typically done with dumbbells or traditional barbells can be replicated on the landmine barbell.

Tip: Perform exercises in various positions: sitting, standing, lying down and kneeling to hit different muscle fibers. The combination of these positions and the angle of the barbell will engage different muscle fibers that normally don’t get targeted when using the standard barbell and dumbbell. 


There you have it. Get to work bitches.

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