Leg Press Variations – Infographic

The leg press is a very challenging but effective machine. It has the ability to target various muscles groups resulting in strong legs. The leg press will cater to a multitude of goals, whether it is shedding fat, building muscle or adding size.

barack pointing leg press variations

One of the best features of the leg press machine is you can take on a heavy load while minimizing strain on your back.

Like most exercises and machines, your results will peak and/or you’ll get bored if you do the same routine continuously.

Our friend Danny Ajini at Stupid Simple Fitness created this killer infographic which displays a number foot placements to switch up your routine on the leg press. This will help focus on different muscle groups in your legs so you can improve any weak points and build on strong points.

Stupid Simple Fitness is a fun, no-bullshit (and free) resource for fitness and nutrition. Check out their page and join them in your fitness journey.

leg press variations

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