LeEco’s Android Bicycle . . . With Lasers

This bicycle is straight up ridiculous. LeEco, a Chinese company, recently launched a new product, the Le Syvrac. Le Syvrac comes with a broad range of connected hardware which runs on Google’s Android software. Among other sweet features, it contains:

• 4-inch display mounted in between the handlebars,
• Heart rate sensor
• Built-in lasers used as a lane marker
• Camera
• Lock
• Speakers

While you’re at it, you can even make calls and send texts.

Sorry, you can’t add bacon.

It’s on sale in China with prices ranging from $800 to more than $6,000 for the all-carbon frame option. The company wants to bring this to the US later this year.

Watch the video and start saving. And check out Digital Trends for more info.

Header image courtesy of O Magazine.

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