A Date Idea Guaranteed to Win Her Over

Alright, so she’s agreed to date 1, 2, 3, x and you need a date idea that’s going to separate you from the other guys that are texting her. You saw that right, “other guys.” If she’s truly a catch, you’re not the only one that’s pursuing her. Don’t be like every other guy out there wanting to go for coffee or happy hour. Do something most of the guys out there aren’t doing. Cook for her! I guarantee this will make you stand out from the crowd and have her talking to her friends. This is a good thing, my friend. This is a good chance of winning over her friends without meeting them. Accomplish this, and you’re in.

Plus, if there is one thing women find extremely sexy, it’s men that cook.

Take the lead, plan an amazing meal with good wine, exceptional conversation, and create a memorable experience that’s going to have her come back. . .Or spend the night!

She’s agreed to come to your place! Holy shit. You asked her to come to your place and she actually said yes (of course she said yes). The fact that she’s agreed to this is a monumental win. It means she’s developed a level of trust and comfort with you. Well done, sir.


Don’t fuck this up. Just kidding. But seriously, don’t fuck this up. Just because she’s there doesn’t mean she’s going to sleep with you. She may genuinely like you for who you are. Crazy, right? So don’t be a creep. If there is a spark and she’s giving off the right cues then go in for the kiss. If she’s down then hats off to you. If you are denied, brush it off like the badass you are and continue wooing her with your killer charm.

Prepare for Battle

I’m not just talking about the food. I’m talking about the man-cave you call a home.  How does it look? Is it clean? Is there a mood or atmosphere that will make a woman feel welcomed and comfortable? Have a solid playlist ready (you can never go wrong with some Motown), set out some plants or flowers (yes, flowers), candles (not on the dinner table—this isn’t formal), take down your Calvin Johnson Fathead (it’s time to let go).

Display your personality. She’s coming over for a reason. She’s interested in knowing who you are. Let yourself shine by displaying your interests, and quirks around your home. Books, family photos, baby pictures (bonus), collections, travel memorabilia, art, instruments (double bonus). Kind of like this guy.

Do your laundry. One of the biggest culprits to a stinky place is dirty clothes. Wash your dirty laundry. Even though you can’t smell it, it stinks.  You live in it, therefore, you can’t smell it. Open the windows and let your place air out.

It’s not ok to spray body spray all over the place. It will only make things worse.

Make your bed. Wash your sheets and have your bed looking neat. This will make it look more inviting if (I mean, when) she decides to cuddle up with you later.

Clean the bathroom. Make sure the toilet is spotless, hand towels available and the toilet paper is stocked. Wash your bath towels. Overused towels smell disgusting.

Kitchen. Take out the trash. Another huge culprit in stinking up your place is trash. Collect the random dishes around your house and do your dishes. I’ve found it helpful to wash the dishes as I’m cooking. This will keep your place tidy and you’ll be less motivated after dinner when there’s a huge pile of dishes.

I hope my point has reached you. There may be a lot I missed on the cleaning aspect but I’m not your mother. Just clean your shit up. If you have to ask yourself if it should be picked up or cleaned, then yes, do it. You want to be treated like a grown ass man? Then act like one.

The Food

Keep the meal light. Three courses at most: Salad, entree with two sides and dessert.  Avoid carb overload. You don’t want to be hating yourselves after dinner because you’ve stuffed your faces. You want to keep the energy flowing. If you’re making pasta then leave out the bread. Also, if you’re making pasta, do something fun or original. Please skip the fettuccine alfredo. This dish is for amateurs.

Ensure there is good wine. If she doesn’t drink then whip up a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail.

Try these great dinner recipes for a solid dinner lineup. Your mother is also an excellent resource and it will make her proud when you tell her the occasion.

Ask your date about any food allergies and anything she absolutely despises. You’ll get major points if you are able to pinpoint types of food she enjoys.

For obvious reasons, stay away from foods that are spicy and/or loaded with garlic and onions. You don’t want garlic/onion breath when you’re going in for the kiss. Nor do you want to be on the receiving end.

It’s ok if you don’t prepare every single thing from scratch. You can even have her bring a side. It comes down to the effort and thought you put in.

Just make sure you have a killer dessert lined up!

Have Breakfast Ingredients

You never know. If your bad self pulls it off, you’ll be able to follow up a great dinner with a legendary breakfast.

On a final note, this date idea can be effective if you’re already in a relationship. Just because if you’ve been dating or married for some time, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be romanced.


Go get ’em tiger.

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