Luxtility Work Shirts by Batch Men’s

Batch Men’s is for the starters, doers, makers, and creators who value a life less ordinary.

“We choose curiosity. We are committed to originality. We believe great lives are created one batch at a time.”

While you’re on their website, use the discount code, EPOCHMAN15, to get 15% off your first purchase.

I’ve always been a fan of brands with a great story. And Batch Men’s

is a team with an exceptional story. They’ve recently launched their line of Luxtility work shirts—shirts meant for guys who get things done and want to look good doing them.

The shirt is a combination of luxury and utility, combining the aspirations for today’s modern man into one style. They’ve combined the rugged “get shit done” mentality of the utility shirt with the refined luxury of your favorite dress shirt. Luxtility shirts are offered in deep colors your wardrobe has been waiting for: deep burgundy, midnight blue, forest green, and of course dark as night black.

“These shirts are for the passionate doers, the men who are born to conquer mediocrity. The demand on today’s man has made him a Swiss army knife of talents, our shirts are appropriately named based on this guy: ‘The Freelancer,’ ‘The Specialist,’ and ‘The Tactician.'”

This look is for the modern badass for it represents the modern badass. Subtle and stylish, mixing both luxury and resilience, while never sacrificing quality.

I can see it being dressed down, or dressed up with some dark-wash jeans or chinos. 

Check them out!

luxtility work shirts batch mens 1

luxtility work shirts batch mens 2

luxtility work shirts batch mens 3

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