Road Trip USA & Get Cultured in Your Own Backyard

Get ready for your road trip USA adventure! Fill up the VW, get your Kenny Loggins mixtape ready and pack your sleeping bag to sleep under the stars. It’s almost surprising when you realize all the stuff you can do in your own backyard; so many people forget what a vast, diverse and beautiful country we live in. There is no shortage of landmarks, national parks, ski slopes, museums, beaches and restaurants. Every state has something special to offer and its own unique story to tell. You just have to be open and curious to explore.

Personally, I’d recommend getting in your car (or motorcycle!) and taking the backroads to whatever city you’d like to go to. Of course, this is much easier said than done; the US is a massive country, after all. It is important to stress the fact that if you plan to do a road trip around the US then you MUST take the backroads. This is the best opportunity to see the country; you’ll only get a glimpse by taking the freeway. The backroads will make your journey longer but the experience is worth it.

A highly underutilized option is to take the train. Amtrak has a great network to accommodate trips from New Orleans to Washington D.C., San Diego to Chicago, Miami to Baltimore and mostly everywhere in between. This Amtrak Route Map will give you a great idea on what’s possible. An Amtrak Rail Pass will give you the opportunity to wander around the country within an allotted period of time.

• 15 -day – 8 segments – $459 ($229.50 for kids ages 2-12)
• 30-day – 12 segments – $689 ($344.50 for kids ages 2-12)
• 45-day – 18 segments – $899 ($449.50 for kids ages 2-12)

Segments are comparable to flight connections. Some trips don’t have a direct route therefore you’ll have to take a segment. For example, if you are going Washington, D.C. to Oklahoma, City, OK, you would do DC to Chicago (segment 1), Chicago to Fort Worth (segment 2), then Fort Worth to Oklahoma, City (segment 3). A total of three segments. A fun part of this trip is you can get off in Chicago, hang out for a few days then continue your journey as long it is done within the 15 day period. Ya dig?

The rail pass and airfare costs are incomparable so don’t put them side by side. It is a completely different experience. Yes, flying could be cheaper and it is by far the quickest mode of travel but you’re not going to see the country while uncomfortably seated at 30,000 feet. Remember, the point of the trip is to see what’s in between points A and B.

If you want to spend the year or summer road tripping the country then by all means, go for it. I highly encourage this type of behavior. A weekend getaway is sometimes all you need to recharge, connect with friends, family or yourself. The key is to go out and explore!

You know what a great part about your USA road trip is? Everyone speaks English!

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