Verlocal Experience Review

A little while back, I shared with you a platform called Verlocal. Verlocal provides a marketplace for locals to share their passions, knowledge, and skills. Additionally, it is place where travelers and locals can discover new experiences in areas they are visiting or residing.

Recently, I took one of the classes Verlocal offers and thought I’d share my experience.

The class—”Learn How to Weld Workshop.”

I arrived to the class and approached the host, Ryan, who showed me around his workshop, explained his background then asked, “So, why are you learning how to weld?”

“I don’t want to learn how to weld. I just want to play with a welder.”

Boys will be boys.

I’m all about learning new things but I have no practical use for welding. I purely took this class so I can play with a welder—and it was worth it.

Ryan accommodated my childish desire and provided a high level overview of the concepts, and techniques for welding. I was impressed by his professionalism knowing I had no ambition to pursue welding for any valuable purpose. My biggest takeaway from the workshop was that the method involving a blazing torch is an old school method. Although it has its place, the more common method is what’s called arc welding or mig welding. In these cases, gas is a major component of the process, but the overall process involves more electricity.

For those that are curious if welding is as fun as it looks—it absolutely is. Take notes of my sick technique.

I won’t be welding anytime soon, although I would be lying if I didn’t look at welders on Amazon when I got home.

How it should have looked

verlocal experience review

The masterpiece of yours truly. If you examine my weld you’ll notice that it’s the classic crescent weave. But I’m sure you already knew that. Started sloppy but finished strong. . . Kind of.


All in all, the experience was extremely positive. The instructor was helpful, accommodating, and welding itself was tons of fun.

Would I use Verlocal again?

If the other experiences are as fun as the welding workshop then I’m definitely would. The workshop felt like the show, How Do They Do It?

If you’re looking for a date idea, new skill-set, or just something fun to do then check out one of the Verlocal experiences. You may know that I am a major proponent of traveling but we tend to overlook the fun things we can do in our own backyard. Exploring in our own backyard is a fantastic way to gain new experiences and a fresh perspective. Not to mention new skills, and the chance to connect with new people.

I was able to coerce a discount code so if you’re inclined to take part in an experience then use this discount code: TheEpochMan. You’ll get 15% off. 

If you’re heading to Seattle then give me a shout and I’ll recommend something fun for you.

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