Whiskey Decanters Under $200

There is always something intriguing about whiskey decanters. In movies, you’ll watch a scene where one person goes into an office and has a drink poured from a decanter. I’ll ask myself, “What are they drinking?” And “How are they drinking at work during the day?” I don’t know what it is about this container but suddenly I’ll get a sensation to drink. As a kid, I witnessed family gatherings where a decanter will come out and pour rounds of drinks for the men. “What’s in that glass container?” And “Why do they make a disturbing look after taking a sip?”

When decanters originated for whiskey use, its main purpose was to serve without the guest knowing the brand. Displaying the label was considered poor taste. The goal was to allow guests to appreciate the flavor of the whiskey upon consumption rather than develop an opinion when seeing the label.

If you want to play a nasty trick, serve your guests bottom-shelf whiskey from the decanter but tell them it is top-shelf. See how they react when they take a drink.

Whiskey decanters are purely for decorative purposes. Rather than serve your alcohol from the original bottle, you can use whiskey decanters as a badass way to display your booze collection. Whether you are serving Pappy Van Winkle or Jack Daniel’s, you’ll serve it in style.

Characteristics of Whiskey Decanters

1. Design

Since it’s all about the look, select the one that catches your eye the most.

2. Stopper

This is the most functional part of whiskey decanters. This is what prevents oxygen from seeping into your precious alcohol. Over time, oxygen can affect the flavor of your whiskey. Oxygen is good for wine, not whiskey.

We don’t recommend decanters with a cork stopper. It looks tacky and the cork will eventually break down since it’s not meant for long-term use.

Stoppers tend to be made from the same material as the decanter itself. If designed well, the stopper should sit flush with the decanter mouth opening. Be wary of plastic stoppers as well. This is a sign of cheap design.

3. Material

Glass is most commonly used to construct whiskey decanters since it’s inexpensive, widely available, and easy to mold and cut into various shapes and styles.

Crystal is a luxe material that is more transparent than its glass counterpart. Its fully translucent appearance allows you to appreciate the whiskey inside of the container. Be careful when selecting something that is made from crystal. Some decanters will have lead contents. This is not good if you plan on storing your alcohol for longer than a few months. As you may know, ingesting lead is not good for you.

A decent decanter can put a serious dent in your wallet and run well over $500. We’ve narrowed down a select few that are well-made, without lead, and under $200.

Serve your guests in style and drink up!


James Scott Irish Cut Whiskey Decanter $35
James Scott Irish Cut Whiskey Decanter


Williams-Sonoma Reserve Spirit $49.95
Williams-Sonoma Reserve Spirit


Badash Galaxy Decanter $49.99

Badash Galaxy Decanter

Ravenscroft Crystal Thomas Jefferson Decanter $59.99
Ravenscroft Crystal Thomas Jefferson Decanter


Denizli Spirits Old-Fashioned Square Decanter $59.99

Denizli Spirits Old-Fashioned Square Decanter

Ravenscroft Crystal St. Jacques Decanter $80.99

Ravenscroft Crystal St. Jacques Decanter
Ravenscroft Crystal Kensington Decanter $99.99

Ravenscroft Crystal Kensington Decanter

Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter $138.99

Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter


Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Decanter $143.24

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Decanter

Tiffany & Co. Plaid Decanter $190Tiffany & Co. Plaid Decanter

Whiskey Decanters – Sets

Royal Doulton Crystal Decanter Set $69.95

Royal Doulton Crystal Decanter Set

Nachtmann Aspen Decanter Set $74.39

whiskey decanter set nachtmann

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Decanter Set $99.99

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Decanter Set

Ravenscroft Crystal Larchmont Decanter Set $109.99
Ravenscroft Crystal Larchmont Decanter Set


Ravenscroft Crystal Wellington Decanter Set $126.39

Ravenscroft Crystal Wellington Decanter Set

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