WILCOX Boots. Premium durable boots made from 100% full-grain leather upper, calfskin lining and leather outsoles. Memory foam footbed and removable athletic insoles to provide extreme comfort. 360° Goodyear welt for easy resoling. Did I mention these are handmade in North America using North American materials? Whether you’re out on the town, heading to the office or on an adventure, this classic style boot will lead you there.

Get inspired by their story. Get inspired by adventure.


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  1. Bought a pair of Wilcox Boots and after 2 months they began to fall apart. Wore them 2 days a week casually.
    Don’t recommend buying them if the quality is this poor.

    • Oh man! That’s a major bummer. They emphasize premium quality and construction so that’s unfortunate to hear. I wonder if that’s just a random defect. Have you tried getting a hold of Wilcox about this?

      On another note, I bought some boots from Sperry about 18 months ago. Highly recommended. Comfortable and stylish. Have done well in terms of longevity as well with the little care I’ve given them. Maybe check them out?

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • Good luck getting in touch with Wilcox Boots if there is a problem with your order. Their, so called, “customer service” after the sale response is VERY POOR. You better hope your order is correct and lucky enough to get a perfect pair of boots. Their in-house quality check is also poor. Placed an order…quick to bill you and ship, but discovered cosmetic defects that should have been noticed and NOT ship the faulty product.

        Virtually no return contact after several e-mails. Only provides and e-mail contact….NO CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED. Any company that will not provide a phone number to contact customer service, seems to already want to keep customers at a distance if problems with orders arises.

        And their boot are NOT “Made in America”….they were DESIGNED in America…but MADE IN MEXICO.

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