You Could Use a Staycation

Leave town and get off the grid for a weekend staycation. I assure you that unplugging for a weekend is one of the most refreshing things you can do.

No texting, no social media, no television, no internet!

A digital sabbatical so to speak.

These days, it’s hard to escape from the digital world due to the speed and ease of connectivity. Not to mention our dependency and toxic addiction to it! But you’ll need to impose self-discipline to remove email, social media, and all things technology from the equation.

The idea to unplug isn’t just to unplug. It is to engage in a creative outlet.

Supplies for your staycation:

• Books
• A journal or laptop for writing
• An instrument
• Ingredients to make your meals
• Gear to support any outdoor adventures you will take part in
• Other supplies to support any creative outlets you enjoy

I recommend Airbnb so you have access to a kitchen. Even if you’re not one to cook, prepare at least one killer meal over the course of your staycation. Cooking yourself a meal is part of the entire process. It’s promoting a creative outlet. It is also therapeutic, and gratifying.staycation 2

Although I’m advocating reading and writing as your primary activities, use reading and writing as only a few outlets of your entire weekend. Play outside! Go for a walk, hike, run, or bike ride. No music or external stimulation allowed during these activities. Leave the phone! Be with your thoughts. Be with your significant other if they will be joining you. Engage with each other. Engage with yourself. Engage with the world!

“To the body and mind which have been cramped by noxious work or company, nature is medicinal and restores their tone.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

staycation 1

This might sound sketchy to your significant other but you can tell him/her I told you to do this. Bring them with you if they’re suspicious about this trip. Just make sure to tell them the ground rules. Same goes for those with kids. Major props if you can pull this off with the entire family.

Once you tune back into the digital world you’ll realize you didn’t miss anything. The vomiting on social media only continued, your inbox will have increased but nothing that caused the apocalypse. Unless you are in the process of saving someone’s life or determining the outcome of the world, you didn’t miss shit. Not even this post.

Go get lost. Write about it. Let us know how you felt afterward.

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