Facebook News Feed Eradicator

I was going to deactivate Facebook but I found this godsend of a Chrome extension called the News Feed Eradicator.

We all want to keep in touch with our friends, and Facebook is a useful way to allow this. Facebook has become somewhat of a news medium. Personally, when I scroll through my News Feed, I see a lot of opinions, fake news, more opinions and other content (for better or worse) to kill my time.

You might see the same. Maybe you don’t. Perhaps you feel you could reduce your Facebook time to dedicate elsewhere. After all, Facebook¬†takes up 50 minutes of our time a day. It’s no secret it wants more of our eye time. In this day and age of “busy,” 50 minutes is a lot.

I don’t know if I wasted 50 minutes a day on Facebook but whatever time I used I got back. Now I read, write, and think during my commute and kill-time moments.

This is what my news feed looks like whenever I log in:

facebook news feed eradicator

Peace and quiet.

This way, I can still keep in touch with friends without seeing distractions.


  1. This is fucking solid.

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