Hector and the Search for Happiness

“Everything in this world is going up. And happiness is going down, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. How many of us, I wonder, can recall that childhood moment when we exprienced happiness as a state of being. That single moment of untarnished joy. That moment when everything in our world, inside and out was alright. Everything was alright. But now we’ve become a colony of adults and everything is all wrong. All the time! It’s as if we were on a quest to get it back. And yet the more we focus on our own personal happiness, the more it is useless. In fact, it’s only when we are otherwise engaged, you know, focused on, absorbed , inspired, communicating, discovering, learning, dancing, for heavens sake that we experience happiness as a by product, a side effect. Oh no. We should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness, but with the happiness of a pursuit.” 

I recently saw the movie, Hector and the Search for Happiness. Hector, played by Simon Pegg ironically plays a psychiatrist attempting to make his patients happy.  Gradually, Hector becomes dejected by his profession. . . and life. Questioning his purpose and happiness, Hector takes a leave and travels around the globe on a quest to find out the cause(s) of happiness.

This movie is definitely worth seeing. It puts your grind through the daily rat race into perspective. I particularly like how wealth, possessions and success are never included as a cause for happiness in this list.

Check out the trailer, and subsequently, the full movie.

I wouldn’t say the list is a spoiler alert since it is not in context of the movie. In any event, you’ve been warned the list exists.

Hector’s Happiness List

1. Making comparisons can spoil your happiness.

2. A lot of people think happiness is being rich or important.

3. Many people see happiness only in their future.

4. Happiness could be the freedom to love more than one woman at the same time.

5. Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.

6. Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness.

7. Does the person you’re with bring you predominately A) Up or B) Down?

8. Happiness is answering your calling.

9. Happiness is being loved for who you are.

10. Sweet potato stew!

11. Fear is an impediment to happiness.

12. Happiness is feeling completely alive.

13. Happiness is knowing how to celebrate.

14. Listening is loving.

15. Nostalgia is not what it used to be.


  1. Great article – thank you! Going to watch this film…sounds similar to the Secret Life of Walter Mitty (the new version)

    • Anytime! If you liked The Secret Life of Walter Mitty then I think you’ll enjoy Hector’s and the Search for Happiness.

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