Our Lives Will be Documented and Digitized

In 200 years, we will not be here. All that will be left of us will be physical items left behind and predominately, our digital footprint.

Everything we are doing is on the grid—documented, digitized, reported and saved on the cloud. Emails. Political rants on Facebook. Food photos on IG. Passive income CTA’s on Twitter (please stop).

A friend stated our great-great grandchildren will most likely have access to our online behavior. They will know everything about us without even meeting us.

“Do some good in the world,” was my first thought. Do something future generations will be proud of. “My great-great grandfather was a badass.” That sounds much better than, “My great-great grandfather was a dumbass,” or, “Why did he take so many pictures of his own face?”

Let me ask you this, do you want to leave a legacy future generations will be proud of?

This is the part where you get off your ass. Turn your “I want to” to “I will.”

I always like to tell myself, “Do something your future self will be proud of.” Now it’s “Do something your future family will be proud of.”

We are on the grid whether we like it or not. Our family won’t have to go to ancestry.com to find out who we were. I’m sure there will be some online safe which holds our digital estate.

Do some good. Leave a positive legacy.

Don’t be a dumbass. Be a badass.

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