Most In-Demand Programming Languages [And Where to Learn Them]

The robots aren’t taking your jobs. The people building the robots are taking your jobs. The modern world skilled jobs are tech jobs. As of last year, out of the 25 highest paying jobs in demand, about half require tech/programming skills.

I like to preach about learning new skills. Technology will continue to advance and learning the programming languages that build the technology you use will provide great benefits. Not only will it increase your marketability as an employee or freelancer, but it will also increase your paycheck.

Most In-Demand Programming Languages


Pronounced “sequel,” this database technology powers businesses of all scales: MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server all run the show behind the scenes of any computer.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby is best known for its use in web programming, and Rails is the framework for the Ruby Language. Hulu and Twitter are using Ruby on Rails for some of their web applications.


Python is popular for its ease of use. This is a fantastic programming language to learn if you have no tech experience. It is a common language to learn for beginners.


This technology runs websites like Amazon and Netflix. It is one of the oldest programming languages and is popular for its simplicity.


This is not the same as Java. It is a programming language that makes websites interactive.  JavaScript is the scripting language of the interwebs and  and is built right into all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari (you should be using Chrome though). Almost every website has some form of JavaScript in it.


Pronounced “C-sharp,” it was created by Microsoft for applications that run on the .NET Framework. It is a derivative of C and C++.


C++ is a programming language based on the C language. Adobe and a lot of Mac OS/X applications are written in C++.


PHP is a scripting language which can be used to create webpages written in HTML. Although it is kind of outdated, it can still be valuable to learn depending on your goals.


Apple being Apple, designed their own language—Swift. A programming language for iOS and OS X developers to build apps. It is to to the programming world.

Where to Learn the Most In-Demand Programming Languages


Learn to code interactively for free.


Learn every programming language under the sun.


Learn coding and web design.


Learn Python, Java, Swift, HTML & CSS, R, SQL.


Learn Ruby on Rails by building apps.


Good resources if you want to launch a tech career.


Learn to code by creating startups.


Learn how to code in Swift.


Another resource to learn to code by creating startups.


Play games and learn to code in Python/JavaScript.


Learn Javascript on your iPhone.


A place to gain a mentor while gaining your developer skills.

A non-profit dedicated to giving you easy access to the world of computer science.

This might seem overwhelming but you don’t have to learn them all. Pick one to learn and then start building things. Create a portfolio so when you are searching for a job, promotion, or freelancing gig, you can show what you learned.

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