3 Questions to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

If you want to get and stay aligned with your purpose, ask yourself these questions every day. A good practice is once in the morning and once at night. Don’t know what your purpose is? No? Well these three questions will help you figure it out.  This daily routine will get you...

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Improve the Results of Your Workout Routine

At some point, your workout routine will get boring or stagnant. You may even plateau to the point where your efforts will produce minimal to no results. The following pieces of equipment are hidden gems that need to be incorporated into your workout routine. These stations are underutilized but they can be extremely...

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A Date Idea Guaranteed to Win Her Over

Alright, so she’s agreed to date 1, 2, 3, x and you need a date idea that’s going to separate you from the other guys that are texting her. You saw that right, “other guys.” If she’s truly a catch, you’re not the only one that’s pursuing her. Don’t be like...

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The Bradley Timepiece by Eone

Get behind the Bradley Timepiece selection by Eone Timepieces. If their beautifully designed timepieces don’t inspire you—their story truly will. “Because telling time shouldn’t require sight.”    

Quit your Way to Excellence 

“The old saying is wrong—winners do quit and quitters do win.” Starting something new is always fun. It can be a business, tennis, guitar or writing a book. It’s exciting. You think you will be good at it. You think it will be worth your time. You think it will make...

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GMOs: Potential for a Noble Cause

GMOs, or, genetically modified organisms have undergone lots of scrutiny and typically have a negative undertone. They have a reputation for being unhealthy and harmful to the environment. We thought this TEDx talk by Rob Saik provided an insightful delivery for the use of GMOs. They can potentially provide great value...

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