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Badass Dudes – Miyamoto Musashi and His 21 Rules of Life

Miyamoto Musashi, or, Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara no Genshin, was a renown Japanese swordsman and rōnin. As of now, I dub him a badass motherfucker. Cheers to you M&M. Musashi was made famous by his double sword style of combat and impressive undefeated record of 60 duels. His won his first duel at age...

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Badass Dudes – Virunga National Park Rangers

If you were shot on the job, would you go back to work? If death was a risk at a potential job, would you take their offer? I bet you’d reconsider your career choice. What type of job would you be willing to die over? The rangers at Virunga National Park...

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