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Most In-Demand Programming Languages [And Where to Learn Them]

The robots aren’t taking your jobs. The people building the robots are taking your jobs. The modern world skilled jobs are tech jobs. As of last year, out of the 25 highest paying jobs in demand, about half require tech/programming skills. I like to preach about learning new skills. Technology...

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Land a World-Class Mentor for Free

Having a mentor is a valuable component to your success. Maybe you are having trouble finding a mentor or you can’t find the right mentor. Thousands of brilliant minds are willing to help. They’re available in the form of biographies, autobiographies, how-to’s, memoirs, or another sort of subject matter. Here are...

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Why You Need a Personal Website

A personal website tends to be common for people in the creative and tech world. Regardless of your industry, create a personal website to display your professional self. Only 7% of the general population, and 15% of millennials have a personal website. It’s difficult to get ahead in the professional world....

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