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How to Compliment Women the Right Way

Knowing how to compliment women is an art, not a science. We men are wired differently and think a logical compliment will suffice to get a woman’s endorphins flowing. Wrong. There’s a reason why 50 Shades of Grey got every woman’s attention. Women are descriptive and imaginative. You have to match...

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Overcome Approach Anxiety with the Direct Opener

Approach Anxiety. Most of us have experienced this crushing fear at one point—unless you’re Ryan Gosling—then you don’t have to do shit. Some guys won’t be able to comprehend this feeling, but approach anxiety is a serious barrier for many men. This might be a familiar situation to you: You see...

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A Date Idea Guaranteed to Win Her Over

Alright, so she’s agreed to date 1, 2, 3, x and you need a date idea that’s going to separate you from the other guys that are texting her. You saw that right, “other guys.” If she’s truly a catch, you’re not the only one that’s pursuing her. Don’t be like...

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