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9 Strength Training Benefits Besides Adding Muscle

Fact: You will not get meatheadedly buff simply by strength training. It takes a serious effort to add mass. Not only do you need to lift heavy weights, but you also have to eat. . . a lot. Strength training benefits range far more than just getting shredded. Aside from muscular...

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Leg Press Variations – Infographic

The leg press is a very challenging but effective machine. It has the ability to target various muscles groups resulting in strong legs. The leg press will cater to a multitude of goals, whether it is shedding fat, building muscle or adding size. One of the best features of the leg press machine...

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Improve the Results of Your Workout Routine

At some point, your workout routine will get boring or stagnant. You may even plateau to the point where your efforts will produce minimal to no results. The following pieces of equipment are hidden gems that need to be incorporated into your workout routine. These stations are underutilized but they can be extremely...

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