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Automate Your Savings with Digit

Let’s face it, saving money is not fun, but it’s necessary. A good rule to follow is that when you get your paycheck, you should pay yourself before shelling out any money for expenses. This takes discipline. Serious discipline. I’m not sure if you follow this but you can agree that it...

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Free Stock Trading with Robinhood

Make a gazillion dollars trading stocks using Robinhood. Just kidding. You’ll at least lighten your wallet by removing trading fees from the equation. I can’t say enough about how empowering this platform is. Most major brokerage firms charge $7 and above for a single trade. With Robinhood, you no longer...

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Create a Digital Estate Plan

Think about your online accounts; Twitter, Email, PayPal, Instagram, etc. What’s going to happen to them when you pass away? Do you want them to go stagnant or would you rather have them managed? We feel it is a great idea to have a digital estate plan in place so someone can...

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