iPhone 16 may finally offer this much requested upgrade

Blue iPhone 16 renders based on leaked schematics and rumors.
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From everything we know so far about the upcoming iPhone 16, we could be looking at one of Apple's most ambitious refreshes in several generations. We're already set to see this year's hotly-anticipated smartphone showcase a reworked design, be the first of Apple's devices to make use of AI, and rumors point toward a marked improvement when it comes to the performance when it comes to the smartphone's expected A18 processor.

However, a new rumor circulating online suggested that the iPhone 16's new processor won't be the only upgrade contributing to Apple's handset receiving a generous boost in performance. With X/Twitter tipster @Tech_Reve (whose profile appears to have since gone dark, with the reputable leaker reportedly under the threat of legal action for his repeated reveals) highlighting multiple analyst's predictions that the iPhone 16' AI ambitions could finally see Apple's smartphone on the receiving end of a long-awaited RAM upgrade.

Screenshot of X/Twitter post by known industry leaker Tech_Reve with information about the iPhone 16

In a now removed post, tipster @Tech_Reve details the possibility of Apple raising the specifications bar for the iPhone 16. (Image thanks to Phone Arena) (Image credit: @Tech_Reve (via Phone Arena))

iPhone 16: The memory of my enemy is my friend

Smartphones are becoming more and more sophisticated and powerful, which is slowly raising the floor on what is seen as a minimum level of resources for devices to stay relevant, especially with so many handsets now adopting resource-heavy onboard AI.

That being said, while the likes of Samsung, Honor, and OnePlus continue to better equip their flagship smartphones with more and more RAM (12GB, 16GB, and 24GB for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Magic6 Pro, and 12 respectively), Apple has held back on its RAM offerings with the iPhone, with its recent 15 Pro Max capping out at just 8GB.

However, if Apple plans to turn its AI dreams into a reality, then things may have to change, with many believing that running such software on-device could require at least 8GB of RAM to function across all of the iPhone 16 devices, not just the flagship Pro Max model.

It's also reported that Apple is researching methods of running its AI using NAND flash, the same technology the iPhone uses for storage. If this is the case, then the iPhone 16 could see an increase in its base storage offering also, leaving behind the 128GB option for good to make room for larger and more AI accommodating volumes.

It's also possible that Apple covers all bases and offers both a RAM and storage upgrade at the same time. Raising the bar for available resources on the iPhone simultaneously, better equipping the device to deal with demanding AI tasks. Which could see the base iPhone 16 model outfitted with a higher amount of RAM and storage as standard.


In his original port/tweet, @Tech_Reve was clear to point out that nothing is confirmed, but we do know that Apple is currently in talks to adopt either Google or OpenAI as a partner for its initial AI ventures while working on its own model (code named Ajax) as a more long-term solution.

While the iPhone's faster unified memory may be enough to temper the demands of its AI features, the rapidly expanding offering from its competition may force Apple's hand on a more considerable upgrade.

Especially if it seeks to keep the device relevant and competitive, with more resources allowing the handset to future-proof itself when it comes to expanded AI capabilities and new, potentially more demanding, features further down the road.

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