New Xbox Series X photos leak — this is what the future looks like

All-white Xbox Series X
(Image credit: eXputer, Xbox)

We're reaching the point in this console generation where new mid-cycle consoles are expected. The PS5 Slim is already available for purchase (and a PS5 Pro may be on its way), while a new Xbox Series X or S has yet to hit the market. But a recent leak from eXputer showcases what one of the new Xbox Series X products will look like, featuring the classic tower shape in an all-white coat.

But the big thing that separates this from its predecessor is the lack of a disc drive. Yes, Xbox is going all-digital with this console, alongside reports from The Verge late last year showcasing documents from the FTC vs. Microsoft court case revealing the lack of a disc drive, instead upgrading the storage to 2TB. But this isn't that console, so what exactly is it?

Xbox Series X's all-digital white model details

eXputer claims that the new Xbox Series X has its heatsink upgraded, but there are no notable changes elsewhere. Its ports seem the same outside of a missing Kensington Lock. However, eXputer has reason to believe that the price will be reduced when compared to the current Xbox Series X model, which is now $499. If that's true, it likely means it will replace the original and maybe drop down to $399 to make way for a stronger model.

But this isn't much different than what Sony did during the original PlayStation 5 launch. The digital PS5 started at $399, and if this new all-digital Xbox Series X doesn't change anything beyond a new coat of paint and removing the disc drive, selling that for $399 four years later would be strange.

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There are also the reports that Microsoft has lessened its commitment to physical games media, with Jez Corden tweeting that the company "shut down departments dedicated to bringing Xbox games to physical media," and in relation to the digital-only Xbox console leaks, he says "you can get an idea of where Microsoft is going here."

We're not entirely sure if Microsoft plans to entirely forego physical media in the near-future, but it wouldn't be surprising. The company has been pushing for Xbox to be a platform and service above an actual box, with Game Pass having reached incredible levels of success, with the company even bringing titles like Hi-Fi Rush to PlayStation. 

It's clear the company's strategy has changed significantly in these recent years. It's possible that this includes pushing for an all-digital console in the future. While this would make purists for physical media absolutely upset, it seems likely considering the direction Xbox is going.

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